Are you a busy parent in need of a simple, convenient way to document and store your children’s vital information? If so, CutieQs is the perfect tool for you. CutieQs is a convenient, easy to use web tool designed to simplify a busy parent’s life. Created by first-time parents of newborns, this revolutionary software will change the way parents, family members, and childcare providers record and track the daily activities of their children.

With the click of a button from your computer and/or your mobile phone , CutieQs will enable you to quickly and easily document important activities and information such as sleeping, eating, diapering, etc., No longer will you have to record your child's daily activities milestones, and/or medications on sheets of paper, which don't offer an easy, well-organized system for tracking your child's growth and development. CutieQs also allows you to share this information with other family members and your pediatrician. Or, you could even have your childcare provider enter the data so that you can keep track of how your baby is doing while you're at work or away from home.

Using CutieQs.com is simple. As you enter data, you will be able to generate reports which track your child’s daily activities. For example:

  • See trends in your child's weight gain and height including the child's growth percentile as compared to other children her age.
  • Track your child's sleeping patterns.
  • Track her solid food intake.
  • Attach photographs to your child's activities for your own use or to provide to your pediatrician.
  • Create To-do lists to share with other family members and/or your childcare provider.
  • Record your child’s vaccination/medications and their lot numbers.

In sum, CutieQs gives you the ability to document, retrieve and utilize your child's data with minimal effort at your desktop or from the palm of your hand. Say Goodbye to the days of jotting important information about your children on sheets of paper which could possibly end up misplaced. This busy-parent-tested tool is what every parent needs to save time and stay organized.